It's not a survey ... it's a conversation

Use Say-More AnalysisTM  - and Boost Employee Retention

Better than traditional surveys and less expensive than a team of management consultants, Quoala is a tool that enables continuous, high-quality feedback from employees. 

What does it do?


Voice Response Changes Everything

People scan the QR code and start talking. That's it.

Let our AI handle all the difficult stuff, like keeping people anonymous and ensuring the feedback is sanitized and productive for leadership. 

Conversation is more than a score of 3.4 

Quoala is custom-built to enable Say-More-AnalysisTM

Research has consistently shown that employees who feel heard stay longer with an organization and are more productive.  

See Company Culture Evolve in Real-Time

It's a daily Dow Jones for your company's culture.
Data like this is normally expensive to acquire. One data point can cost an organization of 100+ people 80+ hours of interviews and surveys over months. 

Turnover is expensive and Quoala isn't 

Be data-driven about your employee engagement spend. 

Quoala just makes sense for those who know they need higher retention because it helps continuously measure the true impact of all your employee engagement spend. 

Access the Data Under the Curve

When you see a change, you can also see the cause(s). 

This means you can see the underlying keywords driving any shift in employee attitudes. You can also quickly demonstrate responsiveness by asking employees to "Say More." 

Flexibility for Deskless Workers

Feedback from frontline workers is easy with Quoala 

Because it is just a QR code scanned by any mobile phone, Quoala integrates easily into employees' daily lives.

Retain one employee, and it pays for itself

$15,000 per Year

for every organization with 500 employees or fewer
What is

Say More Analysis

A method to hold an open-ended conversation with all your employees simultaneously. Where the goal is to have your employees ‘Say More’.

News and Articles

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Cancel your plans next Thursday afternoon, and join us for an amazing conversation! Our very own Michael Alcock will be joined by our guest speaker John E. Kobara, for what is set to be an engaging and informative hour. To join, please add yourself to the event by clicking the link. 
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In the realm of employee retention, Jim Wilson's latest article underscores the need for solutions like Quoala. Notably, the article highlights that 78% of employers are enhancing base salaries. Still, it's essential to consider that leveraging Quoala in conjunction with higher salaries can provide valuable insights into their effectiveness.
Quoala's own Michael Alcock joined HR Podcaster Jason Cavness for an in-depth discussion of AI in the workplace.  
Quoala is diving into the icy waters to mine those valuable resources living at the bottom of the iceberg because we believe employee/employer relationships can be less like a sinking ship, and more like pleasure boat.