The Quoala Cause

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The Quoala Cause
We seek to help humans communicate by enabling them to listen better, understand what is said, and respond with impact. We believe that this will result in a world that is better, more just, and more pleasant to live in.

Meet the Team

Jeff Wickert
  • Amazon
  • Iron, Steel Data Disrupter (Acquired)
  • EdTech Startups
Trond Nilsen
  • United Health / Virtual Therapeutics
  • Fullstack, AI, AR/VR
  • Healthcare Startups
Michael Alcock
  • Microsoft
  • Disney
  • Sylvan
  • EdTech (IPO)
Mission and Vision

The Vision: 

Building products that allow the many to negotiate with the few. 

The Mission:

To Generate Data that Inspires Dialogue
Why it matters?

Our Values

At Quoala, we use our values to make tough decisions and encourage open dialogue among our employees. We do not use them as weapons but seek to empower our employees to question our actions and the values themselves, recognizing that they are the product of an ongoing dialogue between ourselves, our customers, and our society. 


→ We strive to build a company where employees are proud and happy to work here.
→ We believe that people are happier and more productive when they feel a sense of autonomy, purpose, and mastery in their work.
→ We want everyone to feel welcome and appreciated for being who they are in themselves.
→ We believe vulnerability is courage and seek to foster a culture that feels safe, inspires creativity, and supports us as we take risks and learn from our mistakes.
→ We recognize that we exist in an evolving society and must understand and accommodate the world beyond our company.
→ We believe that diverse and respectful groups of individuals are more creative, productive, and flexible in the long term.
→ We believe that by treating individuals with compassion, respect, and dignity, we will create a company that is more just and more successful.
→ We value honest, forthright, and transparent communication and seek to create an environment encouraging this.
→ We recognize that we exist in an evolving society and must understand and accommodate the world beyond our company.
→ We recognize that there is a time for thinking and a time for doing. When all else is equal, we prefer to move forward swiftly yet carefully.
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